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Problem: _____ is though to be composed of _____.A. The active X chromosome; heterochromatinB. A Barr body; euchromatinC. The centromere; euchromatinD. A telomere; euchromatinE. All of the above are correct answersF. None of the above is a correct answer

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In eukaryotic cells, a chromatin is a complex of DNA and histone proteins. It is basically the packaged/condensed form of DNA as it is arranged into chromosomes. It can exist in two forms: the euchromatin and heterochromatin.

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_____ is though to be composed of _____.

A. The active X chromosome; heterochromatin

B. A Barr body; euchromatin

C. The centromere; euchromatin

D. A telomere; euchromatin

E. All of the above are correct answers

F. None of the above is a correct answer

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