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Problem: Which ofthe following is a palindromic restriction site?A. 5' - ACGGCA - 3'B. 5' - TGCGCC - 3'C. 5' - AAGGTT - 3'D. 5' - ACGCGT - 3'E. 5' - GCAGCA - 3'

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A palindrome is commonly known as a word, phrase, or even sentence that is similarly spelled forward or backward. An example of such is RACE CAR or ROTATOR. A similar kind can be commonly seen in DNA sequences.

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Which ofthe following is a palindromic restriction site?

A. 5' - ACGGCA - 3'

B. 5' - TGCGCC - 3'

C. 5' - AAGGTT - 3'

D. 5' - ACGCGT - 3'

E. 5' - GCAGCA - 3'

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