Concept: Primary Meristems


Concept: Root Growth


Concept: Secondary Growth


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Growth Additional Practice Problems

Meristems are places in a plant where cell division occurs.

A. True

B. False

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Where does secondary growth occur?

A. Monocot stems

B. Dicot tree roots

C. Monocot roots

D. Monocot leaves

E. Dicot tree leaves

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Compared to most animals, the growth of most plants is best described as:

A. derivative

B. indeterminate

C. perennial

D. primary

E. weedy

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All of the following statements about vascular cambium are TRUE except _____.

A. vascular cambium gives rise to secondary xylem

B. vascular cambium can be found in roots

C. vascular cambium gives rise to parenchyma

D. vascular cambium gives rise to secondary phloem

E. vascular cambium is a type of meristem

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A plant such as a tree that undergoes both primary and secondary growth is called:

A. woody

B. herbaceous

C. coniferous

D. deciduous

E. terrestrial

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Which meristem helps in increasing girth?

a. lateral meristem

b. intercalary meristem

c. primary meristem

d. apical meristem

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The Growth Zone in Tips of Stems & Roots is called

a. Apical Meristem

b. Primary Meristem

c. Ground meristem

d. Procambium

e. Cork cambium

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Indeterminate growth:

a. occurs only from apical meristems.

b. is a characteristic feature of animals.

c. requires sexual reproduction.

d. is generated by both primary and secondary growth.

e. is primarily found in the gametophyte stage of seed plants.

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The apical meristem of the root is present 

a. only in radicals

b. only in tap roots

c. only in adventitious roots 

d. in all the roots

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The location of growth and development in plants is known as a(n)

a. node

b. meristem

c. operon

d. root

e. leaf

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