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Ch.1 - Introduction to Biology
Ch.2 - Chemistry
Ch.3 - Water
Ch.4 - Carbon
Ch.5 - Biological Molecules
Ch.6 - Cells
Ch.7 - The Membrane
Ch.8 - Energy and Metabolism
Ch.9 - Respiration
Ch.10 - Photosynthesis
Ch.11 - Cell Signaling
Ch.12 - Cell Division
Ch.13 - Meiosis
Ch.14 - Mendelian Genetics
Ch.15 - Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
Ch.16 - DNA Synthesis
Ch.17 - Gene Expression
Ch.18 - Regulation of Expression
Ch.19 - Viruses
Ch.20 - Biotechnology
Ch.21 - Genomics
Ch.22 - Development
Ch.23 - Evolution by Natural Selection
Ch.24 - Evolution of Populations
Ch.25 - Speciation
Ch.26 - History of Life on Earth
Ch.27 - Phylogeny
Ch.28 - Prokaryotes
Ch.29 - Protists
Ch.30 - Plants
Ch.31 - Fungi
Ch.32 - Overview of Animals
Ch.33 - Invertebrates
Ch.34 - Vertebrates
Ch.35 - Plant Anatomy
Ch.36 - Vascular Plant Transport
Ch.37 - Soil
Ch.38 - Plant Reproduction
Ch.39 - Plant Sensation and Response
Ch.40 - Animal Form and Function
Ch.41 - Digestive System
Ch.42 - Circulatory System
Ch.43 - Immune System
Ch.44 - Osmoregulation and Excretion
Ch.45 - Endocrine System
Ch.46 - Animal Reproduction
Ch.47 - Nervous System
Ch.48 - Sensory Systems
Ch.49 - Muscle Systems
Ch.50 - Ecology
Ch.51 - Animal Behavior
Ch.52 - Population Ecology
Ch.53 - Community Ecology
Ch.54 - Ecosystems
Ch.55 - Conservation Biology

Concept #1: Beadle and Tatum and The Central Dogma

Concept #2: Codons, Reading Frame, and The Genetic Code

A particular triplet of bases in the coding sequence of DNA is AGT. What is the corresponding triplet in the complementary strand of mRNA? a. AGT b. UCA c. TCA d. GAC
Why is C. elegans a useful model organism for studying cell development?
DNA and RNA are both stands of nucleotides but RNA can carry out for more functions than DNA. How docs the structure of RNA differ from DNA? What additional activities/function can RNA do that DNA cannot?
Explain the difference between an intron and an exon.
What is the difference between horizontal gene transfer and vertical gene transfer? (You must define both in order to describe the diference.)
What is the difference between horizontal gene transfer and vertical gene transfer? (You must define both in order to describe the diference.)
List the three ways that bacteria can acquire new genetic information. For each one, name the essential mechanism through which the DNA is transferred.
 In the Central Dogma of DNA, producing RNA from DNA is called transcription and production of protein from RNA is called translation. Why were the words transcription and translation chosen to represent each of these steps?
What is an activator how does it act?What is a repressor how does it act?
How can mRNA processing in eukaryotes aid in regulation of gene expression?
How does the lactose regulate the inducible system for transcription of the structural and regulatory genes of the lac operon?
One of the major stabilizing forces of the double stranded DNA helix comes from hydrogen bonding. Where do you see this type of bonding in the DNA? Name one difference between DNA and RNA?
Compare Positive Regulation of gene expression with Negative Regulation of gene expression. Which includes and activator and which includes a repressor?