Biology Topics that we cover

Ch.1 - Introduction to Biology

Ch.4 - Carbon

Ch.19 - Viruses

Ch.21 - Genomics

Ch.23 - Evolution by Natural Selection

Ch.25 - Speciation

Ch.26 - History of Life on Earth

Ch.27 - Phylogeny

Ch.32 - Overview of Animals

Ch.36 - Vascular Plant Transport

Ch.38 - Plant Reproduction

Ch.44 - Osmoregulation and Excretion

Ch.45 - Endocrine System

Ch.46 - Animal Reproduction

Ch.48 - Sensory Systems

Ch.49 - Muscle Systems

Ch.50 - Ecology

Ch.51 - Animal Behavior

Ch.52 - Population Ecology

Ch.54 - Ecosystems

Ch.55 - Conservation Biology

Popular Biology Practice Problems

If genes A and B are linked and separated by 14 map units, what percent of the progeny produced in a testcross will be parental?

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What is/arethe possible blood type(s) (i.e. phenotypes) of the father ifa woman with type A has a daughter with type B blood?

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The ΔGº values for the two reaction shows below are given:

Oxaloacetate + actyl CoA + H2O → citrate + CoASH (ΔGº=-32.2 kJ/mol; enzyme: citrate synthase)

Oxaloacetate + acetate → citrate (ΔGº = -1.9 kJ/mol; enzyme: citratesynthase)

Write the advanced hydrolysis reaction for acetyl CoA.

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What is the first stage of protein synthesis?

A. tRNA charging, in which the tRNAs bind to amino acids

B. initiation, in which the components necessary for translation are assembled at the ribosome.

C. elongation, in which amino acids are joined to the polypeptide chain.

D. The assembly of transcription factors at the promoter.

E. setting the reading frame, where the initiation codon is recognized by RNA polymerase

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Why do calculations of recombination frequencies between loci that are far apart on chromosomes underestimate the true genetic distance between the loci?

A. Chromosomes are much longer than the maximum possible genetic distance of 50 map units.

B. There is an increased probability of double crossover events with increasing distance, such that a gamete can maintain the parental genotype after many recombination events.

C. Recombination rates are uniform across a chromosome, so genetic distances can be expressed as a proportion of the chromosome's physical length.

D. Two genes can exhibit a maximum recombination of 50%, so they can only be a maximum of 50 map units apart.

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