Concept #1: Uncompetitive Inhibition

Concept #2: Uncompetitive Inhibitor Effects

Concept #3: Uncompetitive Inhibition & Michaelis-Menten-Plots

Concept #4: Uncompetitive Inhibition & Lineweaver-Burk-Plots

Practice: True or false: Increasing [S] in the presence of an uncompetitive inhibitor will lower the inhibition constant (KI).

Practice: In the presence of an uncompetitive inhibitor that binds __________ the substrate, the apparent Vmax ____________ and the apparent Km ____________ with respect to the Vmax and Km of the uninhibited enzyme.

Practice: What is the effect of an uncompetitive inhibitor on the equilibrium between free enzyme & the ES-complex?

Practice: Which of the following statements is true about uncompetitive inhibitors?