Enzyme Inhibition
Irreversible Inhibition
Reversible Inhibition
Inhibition Constant
Degree of Inhibition
Apparent Km and Vmax
Inhibition Effects on Reaction Rate
Competitive Inhibition
Uncompetitive Inhibition
Mixed Inhibition
Noncompetitive Inhibition
Recap of Reversible Inhibition
Allosteric Regulation
Allosteric Kinetics
Allosteric Enzyme Conformations
Allosteric Effectors
Concerted (MWC) Model
Sequential (KNF) Model
Negative Feedback
Positive Feedback
Post Translational Modification

Concept #1: Ubiquitination

Concept #2: Ubiquitination Targets Proteins

Practice: _________ involves covalent attachment of peptides leading to _________ of the target protein by ________.

Practice: Which of the following is true regarding protein ubiquitination?

Practice: Ligation of a ubiquitin peptide’s ______________ charged carboxylate group to the R-group of a target protein’s ___________ residue forms a(n) _____________ bond.