Concept #1: Summary of Membrane Transport

Concept #2: Summary of Membrane Transport

Example #1: Match each term with the correct description:

Practice: Classify each of the following transport systems according to the terms in the list on the right by putting the appropriate letter or letters in the blank next to each transport system. More than one term may apply to each transporter.

__________ GLUT1 transporter of erythrocytes.                      a) Primary active transport.

__________ Cl/HCO3 transporter of erythrocytes.                b) Secondary active transport.

__________ Na+/K+ ATPase.                                                   c) Symport.

__________ Ca2+ ATPase of sarcoplasmic reticulum.             d) Antiport.

__________ Glucose uptake driven by a Na+ gradient.            e) Uniport.

                                                                                                   f) Facilitated diffusion.