Properties of Water
Hydrophobic Effect
Acids and Bases
Autoionization of Water
Acid Dissociation Constant
Henderson Hasselbalch Equation
Determining Predominate Species
Buffer Solution

Concept #1: Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation

Example #1: Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation Example

Practice: What is the pH of a mixture of 0.02 M sodium formate & 0.0025 M formic acid (pK  a = 3.75)

Practice: What is the ratio of of [CH 3COO-] / [CH3COOH] in an acetate buffer at pH = 7? pK a = 4.76.

Practice: Consider 100 mL of a 1M acid solution (pK a = 7.4) at pH = 8. Calculate final pH if 30 mL of 1M HCl is added.