Concept #1: Stimulatory Adenylate Cyclase GPCR Signaling

Concept #2: How to Remember Stimulatory Adenylate Cyclase GPCR Signaling?

Practice: Which of the following represents the best order of signal transduction for the β-adrenergic receptor?

Practice: Which of the following molecules is NOT involved in signal transduction of the β-adrenergic GPCR?

Practice: Which of the following reactions does the enzyme adenylate cyclase catalyze?

Practice: In response to a ligand binding a GPCR, a particular G protein (G s) activates adenylate cyclase. If a cell has a mutation where the G protein can no longer hydrolyze GTP, which of the following would be the result?

Practice: When epinephrine binds to its GPCR activating the cAMP cascade, all of the following happen EXCEPT: