Practice: Appropriately match each of the following terms with their description on the right. 

a) Primary messenger ______.                  1. Generates two secondary messengers.

b) Secondary messenger ______.             2. Stimulated by cAMP.

c) G-protein coupled receptor ______.      3. Activates phospholipase C.

d) Protein Kinase A ______.                      4. Message received by the cell.

e) Gαs ______.                                           5. Composed of 7 transmembrane alpha-helices.

f) Gαq ______.                                            6. Results in the re-association of G     α and Gβγ.

g) GTPase activity ______.                        7. Intracellular chemical message that relays a signal                                                                               from ligand receptor.

h) Phospholipase C ______.                      8. Activates adenylate cyclase.

i) Inositol triphosphate ______.                  9. Activated by diacylglycerol and Ca 2+.

j) Protein Kinase C ______.                      10. Activates a Ca  2+ channel.