Concept #1: Protein Primary Structure

Practice: Which statement regarding primary protein structure is false?

Concept #2: Primary Protein Structure Is Relevant

Practice: A new drug cleaves some amide linkages in a polypeptide chain. Which level of structure is directly affected?

Practice: Fill in the blanks with the primary sequence of the peptide. Use the 1-letter codes. Circle all the α-carbons.

Practice: Fill in the blanks with the primary protein structure of the following peptide. Circle all the α-carbons.

The above peptide is an effective buffer at pH 10. Which amino acid residue is responsible for that?


Practice: Identify the primary level of structure for the following peptide, which is an inhibitor of the Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme (ACE I) and a regulator of blood pressure and hypertension. Circle all the α-carbons.