Concept #1: Phosphoinositide GPCR Signaling

Concept #2: 3 Phosphoinositide Secondary Messengers

Practice: Which of the following are secondary messengers produced in the PSP pathway?

Concept #3: Signaling Pathway 

Concept #4: How to Remember Phosphoinositide GPCR Signaling?

Example #1: Place the following steps of the PSP signaling pathway in order from 1-7:

Practice: When epinephrine binds to a(n) ________________ receptor, _______ is activated, causing an increase in the cellular concentration of ________________.

Practice: Which of the following secondary messengers, when released by phospholipase C will directly activate PKC?

Practice: _________, when formed by phospholipase C, triggers the release of calcium from the endoplasmic reticulum?

Practice: In cells, epinephrine binding to the α-adrenergic receptor activates G αq. All of the following happen EXCEPT:

Practice: All G proteins are activated by GDP/GTP exchange (binding to GTP), but lose their activity when they hydrolyze GTP to GDP. However, different G proteins can have different roles. Which of the following is INCORRECT?

Practice: The reaction catalyzed by Phospholipase C can use all of the following EXCEPT: