Concept #1: Introduction to Biosignaling

Concept #2: Signal Transduction

Practice: A sample of cells has a total receptor concentration of 10 mM and a free ligand concentration of 15 mM. If 25% of the receptors are occupied with ligand under these conditions, calculate the receptor-ligand dissociation constant (Kd).

Practice: Which hormone from the plot below shows the highest binding affinity for the receptor?

Concept #3: 5 Features of Biosignaling Transduction Systems

Practice: Which of the following statements regarding signal transduction pathways in cells is FALSE?

Concept #4: Types of Kinases

Practice: Why is the activation of a protein kinase an important step in signal transduction?

Concept #5: Types of Biosignaling Receptors

Concept #6: Map of Lesson on Biosignaling Pathways