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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Biochemistry
Ch. 2 - Water
Ch. 3 - Amino Acids
Ch. 4 - Protein Structure
Ch. 5 - Protein Techniques
Ch. 6 - Enzymes and Enzyme Kinetics
Ch. 7 - Enzyme Inhibition and Regulation
Ch. 8 - Protein Function
Ch. 9 - Carbohydrates
Ch. 10 - Lipids
Ch. 11 - Biological Membranes and Transport
Ch. 12 - Biosignaling
Clutch Review 1: Nucleic Acids, Lipids, & Membranes
Clutch Review 2: Biosignaling, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, & PP-Pathway
Clutch Review 3: Pyruvate & Fatty Acid Oxidation, Citric Acid Cycle, & Glycogen Metabolism
Clutch Review 4: Amino Acid Oxidation, Oxidative Phosphorylation, & Photophosphorylation
Fatty Acids
Fatty Acid Nomenclature
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Sphingolipid Recap
Steroid Hormones
Lipid Vitamins
Comprehensive Final Map
Biological Membranes
Physical Properties of Biological Membranes
Types of Membrane Proteins
Integral Membrane Proteins
Peripheral Membrane Proteins
Lipid-Linked Membrane Proteins

Concept #1: Eicosanoids

Concept #2: Eicosanoid Functions

Concept #3: 1) Prostaglandins

Concept #4: 2) Thromboxanes

Concept #5: 3) Leukotrienes

Practice: Which of the following fatty acids is the precursor to the eicosanoids?

A) Arachadonic Acid.

B) Palmitic Acid. 

C) Steric Acid. 

D) Oleic Acid.

E) Carboxylic acid.

Practice: Which of the following is true regarding eicosanoids?

A) All eicosanoids contain three conjugated double bonds. 

B) All eicosanoids contain arachidonic acid and sphingosine. 

C) Prostaglandins and leukotrienes both contain a ring structure. 

D) Thromboxanes, prostaglandins & leukotrienes all contain a carboxyl group. 

Practice: Prostaglandins are local regulators whose chemical structure is derived from:

A) Oligosaccharides.

B) Fatty Acids.

C) Steroids.

D) Amino Acids. 

E) Isoprenoids.

Practice: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), like aspirin & ibuprofen, lower body temperatures by blocking production of which eicosanoid? 

A) Biological waxes. 

B) Prostaglandins. 

C) Sphingolipids. 

D) Vitamin D. 

E) Cholesterol & other isoprenoids.