Official course description: MATH1100 is not open to students who have completed a calculus course at the college level. Students contemplating majors in Chemistry, Computer Science/B.S., Geology/Geophysics, Mathematics, or Physics should enroll in MATH1102 Calculus I for Math and Science Majors, rather than MATH1100. Corequisite: The relevant discussion section from MATH1121-1135 MATH1100 is a first course in the calculus of one variable intended for biology, computer science, economics, management, and premedical students. It is open to others who are qualified and desire a more rigorous mathematics course at the core level. Topics include a brief review of polynomials, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions, followed by discussion of limits, derivatives, and applications of differential calculus to real-world problem areas. An introduction to integration concludes the course.