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Analytical Chemistry Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Skoog, West, Holler, Crouch • 10th Edition • 978-0357450390

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Ch.2 - Calculations Used in Analytical Chemistry

Metric Prefixes SI Units Chemical Concentrations Volumetric Titrations Volumetric Analysis

Ch.3 - Precision and Accuracy of Chemical Analyses

Logarithm and Anti-Logarithm Operations Precision and Accuracy Mean Evaluation Types of Errors

Ch.4 - Random Errors in Chemical Analysis

Uncertainty Propagation of Uncertainty: Triangular Distribution The Gaussian Distribution Significant Figures Addition and Subtraction Operations Multiplication and Division Operations

Ch.5 - Statistical Data Treatment and Evaluation

Confidence Intervals Hypothesis Testing (t-Test) Analysis of Variance (f-Test) Detection of Gross Errors

Ch.7 - Aqueous Solutions and Chemical Equilibria

Protic Acids and Bases Arrhenius Acids and Bases Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases Lewis Acids and Bases Auto-Ionization Acid Strength The Equilibrium State The Reaction Quotient Le Chatelier's Principle Chemical Thermodynamics: Enthalpy Chemical Thermodynamics: Entropy Chemical Thermodynamics: Gibbs Free Energy The pH Scale Ka and Kb of compounds Weak Acid-Base Equilibria Ionic Salts of Weak Acids and Bases Buffers

Ch.8 - Effect of Electrolytes on Chemical Equilibria

Ionic Strength of Soluble Salts Activity Coefficients pH Revisited Solubilty Product Constant

Ch.9 - Solving Equilibrium Problems for Complex Systems

General Approach to Acid-Base Systems Fractional Compositions and Concentrations Dependence of Solubility on pH

Ch.10 - Gravimetric Methods of Analysis

Metric Prefixes

Ch.11 - Titrations in Analytical Chemistry

Metric Prefixes

Ch.12 - Principles of Neutralization Titrations

Strong Acid-Strong Base Titrations Weak Base-Strong Acid Titrations Diprotic Acid Titrations

Ch.13 - Complex Acid/Base Systems

Weak Acid-Strong Base Titrations Weak Base-Strong Acid Titrations Polyprotic Titrations Diprotic Acids and Bases Polyprotic Acids and Bases Diprotic Buffers Polyprotic Buffers Principal Species Isoelectric and Isoionic pH

Ch.15 - Complexation and Precipitation Reactions and Titrations

Metal Chelate Complexes EDTA EDTA Titration Curves

Ch.16 - Introduction to Electrochemistry

Basic Concepts Electrochemical Cells Standard Potentials Nernst Equation Standard Cell Potential & the Equilibrium Constant

Ch.17 - Applications of Standard Electrode Potentials

Reference Electrodes

Ch.18 - Applications of Oxidation/Reduction Titrations

Titrations and Titration Curves The End Point Analyte Oxidation State Oxidizing Agents

Ch.19 - Potentiometry

Potentiometry Junction Potential Glass Electrodes and pH Measurements

Ch.20 - Bulk Electrolysis: Electrogravimetry and Coulometry

Fundamentals of Electrolysis Gravimetric Analysis Coulometry

Ch.21 - Voltammetry


Ch.22 - Introduction to Spectrochemical Methods

Properties of Light Absorption of Light Measuring Absorbance Beer's Law Instrument Components

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Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

Skoog, West, Holler, Crouch • 9th Edition