Analytical Chemistry Quantitative Chemical Analysis
Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Quantitative Chemical Analysis Harris (Degefa) • 9th Edition • 9781464135385

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Ch.1 - Chemical Measurements

SI Units Metric Prefixes Chemical Concentrations Volumetric Analysis Volumetric Titrations Gravimetric Analysis

Ch.2 - Tools of the Trade

Safety & Labels Buoyancy Thermal Dependency Volumetric Instruments Filtration & Evaporation

Ch.3 - Experimental Error

Significant Figures Addition and Subtraction Operations Multiplication and Division Operations Logarithm and Anti-Logarithm Operations Precision and Accuracy Types of Errors Uncertainty Propagation of Uncertainty: Triangular Distribution

Ch.4 - Statistics

Mean Evaluation The Gaussian Distribution Confidence Intervals Hypothesis Testing (t-Test) Analysis of Variance (f-Test) Detection of Gross Errors

Ch.7 - Let the Titrations Begin

Volumetric Titrations

Ch.11 - Acid-Base Titrations

Examples of Gravimetric Analysis Precipitation Titration Curves Titration of a Mixture Calculating Titration Curves End-Point Detection Strong Acid-Strong Base Titrations Weak Acid-Strong Base Titrations Weak Base-Strong Acid Titrations Diprotic Acid Titrations Polyprotic Titrations

Ch.14 - Fundamentals of Electrochemistry

Basic Concepts Electrochemical Cells Standard Potentials Nernst Equation Standard Cell Potential & the Equilibrium Constant Fundamentals of Electrolysis

Ch.15 - Electrodes and Potentiometry

Potentiometry Reference Electrodes Junction Potential Glass Electrodes and pH Measurements

Ch.17 - Electroanalytical Techniques

Coulometry Voltammetry

Ch.18 - Fundamentals of Spectrophotometry

Properties of Light Absorption of Light Measuring Absorbance Beer's Law Instrument Components

BONUS: Chemical Kinetics

Kinetics - The Basics Rates of Chemical Reactions Determining Reaction Rates Applications of Kinetic Methods Catalysis Enzyme Catalysis