Permanganate Ion 

Concept #1:

Permanganate ion is difficult to isolate because it can easily oxidize its aqueous solvent to form MnO­2 precipitate.


Concept #2: Pairing the permanganate ion with iron (II) ion or oxalic acid can help with its standardization. 

Concept #3: Depending on the pH of the solution, the permanganate ion can be reduced to different forms with varying colors. 

Cerium (IV) ion 

Concept #4:

Like other strong oxidizing agents the cerium (IV) ion must first be prepared before it can take part in a redox titration.


Dichromate Ion 

Concept #5:

The dichromate ion is not as strong of an oxidizing agent as Ce4+ or MnO4, but is more readily available and stable.


Concept #6:

The dichromate ion is predominantly used as an oxidizing agent in organic reactions.


Triiodide Ion

Concept #7:

Triiodide ion represents the weakest of the 4 strong oxidizing agents.