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Ch. 6 - Internal Controls and Reporting CashWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Accounting
Ch. 2 - Transaction Analysis
Ch. 3 - Accrual Accounting Concepts
Ch. 4 - Merchandising Operations
Ch. 5 - Inventory
Ch. 6 - Internal Controls and Reporting Cash
Ch. 7 - Receivables and Investments
Ch. 8 - Long Lived Assets
Ch. 9 - Current Liabilities
Ch. 10 - Time Value of Money
Ch. 11 - Long Term Liabilities
Ch. 12 - Stockholders' Equity
Ch. 13 - Statement of Cash Flows
Ch. 14 - Financial Statement Analysis
Ch. 15 - GAAP vs IFRS
Fraud and the Fraud Triangle
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Five Components of Internal Controls
Principles of Control Activities
Limitations of Internal Controls
Petty Cash
Bank Reconciliation
Journal Entries for Bank Reconciliation
Petty Cash is used to make small miscellaneous purchases that, alone, do not warrant a journal entry.

Concept #1: Petty Cash: Establishing the Fund and Using the Fund

Concept #2: Petty Cash: Replenishing the Fund

Concept #3: Petty Cash: Cash Over and Short